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Frequently asked questions

What do I do if I have a complaint?

We will endeavour to deal with complaints fairly, promptly and confidentially.  If you have a complaint, please contact us here.

Can I cancel my card?

Yes, please click here for details on the cancellation procedure.

How do I buy a card?

You can buy a gift card over the bar in over 1800 Greene King sites. A Greene King design gift card and Great British Pub Card are sold in the majority of our sites however Hungry Horse gift cards are sold in our Hungry Horse sites; Farmhouse Inns gift cards are sold in our Farmhouse Inns sites; Chef & Brewer  gift cards are sold in our Chef & Brewer sites;Belhaven gift cards are sold in our Scottish sites and Loch Fyne Seafood and Grill gift cards are sold in our Loch Fyne restaurants Alternatively you can buy any of these cards through this secure website.

Where can I spend my card?

You can spend any Greene King issued gift card (Greene King, Great British Pub Card, Chef & Brewer, Hungry Horse, Loch Fyne or Belhaven cards) at any of over 1,800 great Greene King pubs and restaurants. You can find details of sites local to you by clicking here

How do I redeem my card?

You can redeem your card on any food, drink and accommodation by visiting any of nearly 1,800 great Greene King pubs and restaurants. You can find details of sites local to you by clicking here

What is the balance on my gift card?

You can find out the balance of your gift card here

How long is my gift card valid for?

The balance on your gift card will expire if your card is unused for a period of 2 years.

Can I use my card with a voucher?

Yes, you can use your card with a voucher.

What are the delivery options?

We offer two delivery options. First class recorded delivery and special delivery.

How long will my card take to arrive?

First class recorded delivery – up to 10 working days.

Special delivery – 2-3 working days.

Can I order multiple cards?

Yes, you can order multiple amounts of any of the Greene King gift cards on this website. We cannot however deliver those cards to multiple addresses.

How do I book a restaurant?

You can book a table at a number of our pubs and pub restaurants either online or over the telephone
Online table bookings can be made at the following websites:
Chef & Brewer
Hungry Horse
Loch Fyne
Flaming Grill
Fayre & Square
Farmhouse Inns
Old English Inns

Is there a customer service number I can call?

Yes, you can either contact us by sending us a message or alternatively you can call us on 01709 242099

My card has't been delivered, what shall I do?

Please call our helpdesk on 0845 8504545 with your order confirmation number and details of your purchase.

My card has been lost or stolen

You should treat your gift card as you would cash therefore Greene King are not liable for the value of any lost or stolen cards.

Can I exchange the balance of my card for cash?

No. You can use your card to pay for part or all of your bill for any food, drink and accommodation in any participating Greene King site.


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